Sam Redway

Dramaturg. Librettist. Director


Sam is always looking for artists and companies with dreams bigger than they know what to do with. Seasoned experts trying a bold new approach, first-time writers dipping their toe into turbulent, creative waters, actors, directors or theatres reaching for something just beyond their grasp.

He starts by drawing out intentions and core values and uses a flexible approach to support, provoke, challenge and grow them. This establishes a shared language with which to guide the creative team. He empowers artists to take bigger risks, to make deeper, more vital work than they had thought possible.

He is also Creative Director/Dramaturg of Knaïve Theatre , Associate Artist of Smoking Apples Theatre Company and a trained Artist Mentor with Greater Manchester Artist Hub. To see his experience and CV, click here. Or to see his blog, here.

Are you a writer or director?

Working on something?

Looking for creative mentorship/dramaturgy?

Book a consultation:

Let’s meet for 30 mins, discuss your initial thoughts and why you are looking for development. After that:

  • £40 for 1 hour-long session of support around your needs and to read your material – up to 1hr
  • £100 for 3 hour-long sessions plus reading


As a dramaturg he works hard to firstly understand your intentions. He then applies a sensitive, rigorous and discerning eye to your work and adapts his process to suit the development of the work in hand. Theatres, Theatre/Opera Companies, Artists of all persuasions, get in touch if you’re looking to strengthen the impact of your work.


As a librettist Sam thrives on topics that resonate in a deeply personal and contemporary way with universal, mythological significance. He forges texts with bold vision, playful language, strong rhythmic and musical awareness and a political edge. Poetic, visceral and undaunted. Composers, directors and producers, let’s talk. Examples available on demand.


His speciality as a director is in New Writing. He fully immerses himself in the vision of the writer and supports the rest of the creative team in the journey towards the strongest realisation of the Writer’s voice possible. Got a piece that requires a sensitive director’s touch?


“After working with Sam on my most recent script, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again. His fresh and insightful approach to storytelling, script building and character creation has allowed me to form the best version of my play and has also taught me so much about my own writing practise. Sam is fully committed to any project he works on, leading the actors and writer through his engaging and revealing process of dramaturgy with incredible sensitivity and consideration. He has definitely been an essential part of my project, and I would recommend him to any theatre practitioner.” – Emma Hinds (Pure, 2020)

“Sam is a sharp, intuitive and generous dramaturg. With a curious and egoless approach, rather than imposing his own opinions, he helped me to unpick my intentions, open up the play and steer myself through a tricky re-draft. I would highly recommend working with Sam.”  – Joanna Nicks (And It Rains, 2020)

“Sam Redway is a gifted dramaturge — sensitive to the text (and to the writer) and always alert to the particular demands of the project. His guidance, carefully considered and concisely delivered, is unfailingly perceptive and founded on a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. I consider him to be an outstanding professional who also happens to be an absolute joy to work with.” – Lavinia Murray (COVID Lockdown Breath Machine, 2020)


+44 7952692018

Images of Sam taken by Mark Russell of The Open Eye and Brad Kratchovil who travelled to Antarctica with him on board the Bark Europa. Images of the Bark Europa taken by Sam.